Ayushi Construcion


Ayushi Construction has developing Ayushi Villa and its offering 4 bhk villa in Garha Ganganagar, Jabalpur with plot area of 1000 sqft, and construction area of 2100 sqft. for comfortable and peaceful living. The villas are meticulously designed and constructed with fly ash bricks and M send and feature an ISI TMT iron Saria, flush door, personal water tank with a capacity of 1000 Jr, and a personal Borwell with 1/2 hp sumrseabal pump. The villas also come with vitrified tiles, ms steel grill windows with three-track UPVC section tuffan glass, wooden or granite paneling on doors, and a double coat putty finish with one coat primer and double coat paint. 

The project is offering 4 BHK Villa and home for sale in Jabalpur at a starting price of ₹ 70 Lac. In addition to this, the villas also have modular switches and wiring from Anchor/CPL, modular kitchens with chimneys, green marble kitchen tops and stairs, Quba locks, SS grill on stairs, MS and SS grill on the balcony, anti-skid tiles on washrooms, and parking tiles of 12mm 16″x16″. The villas also come with an MS gate, making it a perfect place to call home.

Ayushi Construction, the real estate builder and construction company in Jabalpur


  • Construction with fly ash bricks and M send. 
  • ISI TMT iron Saria 
  • Flush Door 
  • Personal water tank 1000 Jr capacity. 
  • Personal Borwell with 1/2 hp sumrseabal pump. 
  • Vitrified tiles 
  • Window ms steel grill with three track UPVC section tuffan glass. 
  • Wooden panelling or granite panelling on doors. 
  • Double coat putty finish one coat primer and double coat paint. 
  • Wiring & modular switch Anchor/CPL. 
  • Modular kitchen with chimney 
  • Green Marble Kitchen top 
  • Green Marble on Stairs 
  • Quba locks • SS Grill on stairs 
  • MS & SS Grill on balcony 
  • Anti skid tiles on washroom 12″x1E• 
  • Parking tiles 12mm 16″x16• 
  • MS Gate 
  • Tukdi Roof protection for water leakage
Ayushi Villa