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Today, we all want to invest money in properties like land, houses, flats in Jabalpur etc. So before buying we have to follow some things to avoid loss and harassment regarding the property. There are some steps which we follow before buying a property:-

1. Flat purchase checklist:- The buyer must have to check the documents of the property. There must be documents title documents for the property like a government order for a grant, or succession certificate, and also have to know about the nature of titles like leasehold, and freehold. The buyer must have known about the information on pending or past litigation.

2. Verify the identity of the seller:- Just like the verification of the title to the property in Jabalpur, the buyer should ensure the verification of the seller’s identity. It includes the residence status and nationality of the seller. If the seller is a company or trusts the buyer should have checked the constitutional documents of the entity. Buyers should have checked the documents that typically help them to ascertain the identity of the seller, including one’s Adhaar number, PAN number, passport, income tax returns, salary certificates, etc.

3. Conversion and land-use permissions:- Buyers should have to check about the property have its permission regarding non-agricultural use because several state laws restrict the purchase of agricultural property by non-agriculturists and also have to check about the zonal plan of the property.

4. Construction approvals:- Before buying a property the buyer must have to scrutinise the building plan/ layout plan sanctioned by the local municipal authorities, along with approvals issued by the government, statutory and regulatory authorities, for providing infrastructure facilities, water, sewage, electricity, environmental clearance etc.

5. Occupancy certificate:- The buyer should have to give an occupancy certificate to the seller because if the buyer uses the property without obtaining occupancy, exposes the buyer to penalty under the applicable building bye-laws, besides the risk of demolition of the property.

6. Status of tax payment:- Non-payment of the property taxes constitutes a charge on the property so the buyer must verify with the municipal authorities the seller has not defaulted on payment of property taxes and has a look at the utility bills from the seller.

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